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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Hello from an excited Crumbs Cupcakery HQ!

So... A few weeks have passed since we announced that we were opening a shop in York. Well, we finally got the keys last Monday and have been frantically painting, sawing and drilling away all this week so that we can open as quickly as possible so that we don't miss any of our lovely British Summertime! (saying that is has rained loads here today... Boo).

There have been a few obstacles so far, wonky walls being number 1, as apparently it makes fitting a kitchen and laying a floor rather tricky! It's a good job Jack, my extremely lovely and helpful boyfriend (with scary devil eyes in this picture!), loves a challenge...

Our lovely electrician, Thom Wiseman from Powerwatt Ltd in York has been fantastic, and fitted lots of new pendants for our pretty lamp shades, and is also making our feature light which I am soooo excited about seeing finished! Pictures will most certainly follow...

Day off for me tomorrow as I have to drive to London to the National Cupcake Championships which I can't wait for. It is an honour to be selected for a second year running, and even if we don't win anything, it'll be great to have a finalist certificate to hang in the shop :) It won't however, be a day off for Jack (poor boy!), my Dad and Step-Mum to-be... as they are carrying on with the shop fit. I am so lucky to have such lovely friends and family that are willing to help with only tea and cakes for payment! 

Right, signing off for the night from a lovely (rainy) York.... Xxx

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