Crumbs Cupcakery is a small home-based bakery near Holmfirth, West Yorkshire. We dedicate ourselves to bringing you not only the prettiest, but also the most delicious cakes you have ever tasted. Simple.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

12 weeks in the life of a Crumbs Cupcaker...

Well... doesn't time fly when you have the BEST JOB EVER! The last 12 weeks have absolutely flown by. I often sit with a cup of tea on our pretty pink sofa at the end of a busy day and smile to myself - there were tears, there was stress, there was a LOT of hard work, but now 12 weeks in, it was all worth it. I am finally living that dream that was in my head for so many years :)

So what have we been up to over the last few months?? Well, lots! We have had several orders, here are just a few...

We have also hosted two very successful Cupcake decorating parties which were great fun for us, and the kids seemed to enjoy themselves too! Here is the set up before, and one of the end results...
We were also rather excited earlier on in the month because we finally got our outdoor seating licence through - now our customers can enjoy the lovely Autumn we are about to have (fingers crossed!) but just in case it's a little chilly we have blankets too :)
We got a new sign...
We got a new chair... (thanks to the lovely Annie at Cleggs!)

AND... we had a well earned rest in Cyprus because my Dad got married to the lovely Katrina... EPIC!
We have lots more exciting stuff lined up in the next few months so keep those eyes peeled!
Happy Wednesday :)

Friday, 3 August 2012

So... we are officially OPEN!!!

What an exciting few weeks it has been too. We have had some lovely, lovely customers - some returning 3 times in our first week! ...Can't ask for more than that :)

Before I start to get over excited about our first 3 weeks of trading I must first of all say a huge, massive thank you to all of my AMAZING friends and family. I would not have been able to do this without your help and I cannot begin to express my appreciation.... Dad, Kat, James, Lucie, Emily, Miss Haley, Louise, Dave, Matt and Lucy, The lovely Minster staff, Richard and the guys upstairs, Thom, and last but not least my truly amazing boyfriend - I could not have asked for any more from any one of you.

Right enough of the mushy stuff, lets get down to business... our pretty shop.....


Our launch day was on Saturday 14th July and was a huge success. We got some fantastic feedback from customers about the shop and everyone said how nice the cakes tasted too. Phew! After a long and very busy day, we threw a little bit of a party for everyone that had been involved... ate posh finger sandwiches (thanks to my future step-mum!), drank champagne and ate CAKE! Even though I was nearly fast asleep after a couple of glasses of the fizzy stuff, it was the best celebration ever!

The very first batch of cupcakes turned out a treat too...

More blogging soon... oh but I promised a picture of my feature light... LOVE IT!


Saturday, 30 June 2012

Hello from an excited Crumbs Cupcakery HQ!

So... A few weeks have passed since we announced that we were opening a shop in York. Well, we finally got the keys last Monday and have been frantically painting, sawing and drilling away all this week so that we can open as quickly as possible so that we don't miss any of our lovely British Summertime! (saying that is has rained loads here today... Boo).

There have been a few obstacles so far, wonky walls being number 1, as apparently it makes fitting a kitchen and laying a floor rather tricky! It's a good job Jack, my extremely lovely and helpful boyfriend (with scary devil eyes in this picture!), loves a challenge...

Our lovely electrician, Thom Wiseman from Powerwatt Ltd in York has been fantastic, and fitted lots of new pendants for our pretty lamp shades, and is also making our feature light which I am soooo excited about seeing finished! Pictures will most certainly follow...

Day off for me tomorrow as I have to drive to London to the National Cupcake Championships which I can't wait for. It is an honour to be selected for a second year running, and even if we don't win anything, it'll be great to have a finalist certificate to hang in the shop :) It won't however, be a day off for Jack (poor boy!), my Dad and Step-Mum to-be... as they are carrying on with the shop fit. I am so lucky to have such lovely friends and family that are willing to help with only tea and cakes for payment! 

Right, signing off for the night from a lovely (rainy) York.... Xxx

Monday, 11 June 2012

Exciting Times....

Well, I cannot believe that it is almost a year since my last blog post... and the last time I wrote was when I attended the National Cupcake Championships in 2011! MUST make time to blog more in the future! :o Funnily enough, I have just had news that we have been shortlisted for the 2012 Championships... super excited to say the least! Our "Love is in the Air" Cupcake has been selected for the themed Cupcake category. Two years in a row - what an honour!

***** NEWS FLASH!*****

We are extremely proud to announce that we are going to be opening our very own Cupcakery in the beautiful City of York. Our pretty little bakery is situated right behind the York Minster, and we will be serving tea, coffee, milkshakes and of course Cupcakes and other treats!

We will keep you updated with further news and exciting happenings in the coming weeks!